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Jun 22

Dive into Downtown

Posted on June 22, 2018 at 3:22 PM by Sonia Dumas

It isn’t every day you meet a professional skydiver, let alone have one move into town. Melissa Lowe is a self-confessed nomad, migrating around the country with her skydiving family for work. It is a life, the nomadic part that is, that she doesn’t necessarily want for her toddler son, and so putting down some semblance of roots appealed. Eventually, the third-generation skydiver and her husband opened the skydiving center in Delta and the family lived in Moab. Located just over the state line, the business proved so successful that the Lowes knew they needed to be closer to the business. Montrose was the perfect fit, and at the end of 2017 they said their goodbyes to Utah and made Colorado and Montrose their home.

Melissa Skydiving Photo by Raymond Adams Montrose Downtown
(Photo by Raymond Adams)

“I like Delta, it’s beautiful. However I think Montrose has more resources (and a Target!) as well as more schools and opportunities for education for our son,” Lowe said of her decision to move here. “It’s very central for all the outdoor activity, and I’m a very social person and so I love having a big community.” And Lowe has forewarned her partner that Montrose isn’t going to be a fleeting visit. “I have already told my husband we aren’t moving for another 10 years,” she says, mainly because she wants her son to live in the same house growing up and to go to the same school.

Aside from practical concerns such as schools, there are other reasons Lowe chose Montrose. “I love downtown, Montrose. I love the history of towns in general, and am very fascinated by the architecture and the brick buildings in Montrose - they have stories of days past,” she says. “There is a unique feeling in towns like Montrose, and I‘ve always gravitated towards downtown districts.”

Yoga House Pose Montrose Downtown

Lowe is also no strange to evolving. A skydiver for decades by virtue of the family business, Lowe discovered yoga some years ago and found that the two went hand in hand, which is something that many skydivers she knows have also found. Also an entrepreneur and digital marketer, Lowe decided that she would give locals in Montrose another option when it came to yoga. Seeing an empty property on East Main Street, she decided to open Yoga House, choosing downtown specifically for a number of reasons, chief among them, the location. “The other reason [for choosing downtown] was more serendipitous. My day job is as a digital marketer, and I had been working out of Proximity Space and my husband noticed the empty building right across the street which turned out to be the former location of Montrose Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (which has since moved to a larger location at 427 East Main Street). A padded floor was already in place,” Lowe said. “And so I just had to make the decision to do it. And it’s working out so well.”

The choice seemed easy, but Lowe had one more concern, a holistic one before she committed herself and her family to Downtown. “The biggest thing for me was I wanted to be sure I was adding value to the community,” she said. “I’ve been in touch with some of the health and wellness experts in town, so as part of my future expansion plans I want to offer open houses, free workshops and help people living in Montrose live a healthier lifestyle and learn sustainability practices.”

Yoga House Studio Montrose Downtown

Lowe opened the doors to Yoga House on June 4 and business has been brisk, so brisk in fact that the official Grand Opening was on Monday, June 25. The event included orientations, a meet and greet that gave those new to yoga a chance to ask questions and learn about studio etiquette as well as to take any mystery out of yoga so people can get comfortable and feel welcome. There was also a brief demonstration class followed by some snacks and refreshments.

While it is early days for Yoga House, Lowe is confident. So much so that she already has tentative ideas for the future including expansion. “I don’t want to get too ahead of myself, but I would love to have full-time staff (currently there are three part-time instructors),” she says. “I would also like to bring yoga workshops to Montrose, and eventually I want to offer stand-up paddle yoga and trapeze yoga.”

And even though Yoga House is getting increasingly popular, drop-ins are always welcome if there is space. Currently, Lowe offers classes that typically run during the day as she has recognized that Montrose has a lot going on in the evenings.

For more information and to register as a member and book classes, visit

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