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Oct 07

Farm to Table Dining

Posted on October 7, 2018 at 6:26 PM by Sonia Dumas

Head to Montrose Downtown any Saturday morning during the warmer months and you’ll find Centennial Plaza abuzz with shoppers and sellers at the Montrose Farmers’ Market, the former buying fresh, seasonal produce, locally-raised meat and artisanal crafts and goods from the latter. A great opportunity to get to know your local producers and mix and mingle with others from the community, MFM has been a mainstay in town for decades.

Farmers Market for DDA_1

Now in its 40th year, MFM is hosting a brunch, October 20th 10am-2pm,

to raise funds to further beautify Centennial Plaza, the summer home of the market.

MFM Manager Michele DeAnne tells us more about what to expect at the brunch and why to partake in the fun.

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“This brunch is a first for MFM,” says DeAnne.“All proceeds go to benefit the MFM using the proceeds to create a pleasant atmosphere at our beautiful Centennial Plaza location. The MFM aims to increase community involvement by enjoying the farmers market and enjoying Montrose Downtown.  Building a community is important to the MFM!”

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And speaking about building community, the brunch is a true community event. On top of offering a tasty brunch for guests (anybody and everybody is invited!), the organization and planning of the brunch has been a team effort. As the sole MFM staff member, DeAnne has received support from the Valley Food Partnership staff and the MFM Advisory Committee (which is volunteer-driven) and from the larger community. It is also the largest fundraising drive of the year, making it a crucial event.

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Now for the food. What can you expect to see on your plate?

“Local awesome ingredients provided by our MFM farmers to create frittatas, biscuits and gravy, lots of salads, fruits, and deserts,” says DeAnne. In fact, there will be three frittatas on offer (both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options) which will be prepared by Chef Daniel Silva of D-Licious Food Co.

There will also be live music and a comfortable seating area for the community to enjoy.

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And the fun doesn’t end there. “We are expanding the brunch to include cocktails, music, and dancing after the brunch at Intrinzik,” says DeAnne. Head over to from 3PM - 9PM to join the fun.

Tickets to the brunch are $15 and can be purchased at the MFM booth at Centennial Plaza on Saturdays from 9AM to 1PM. Tickets can also be purchased on by visiting here.

After the brunch you’ll just have one more chance to catch the farmers’ market at the Centennial Plaza location. Starting November 3rd, the market heads indoors to the Centennial Plaza Meeting room. Wovoka Ranch Farmers Market for DDA_9

Ready to brunch? See you at the Montrose Farmers’ Market!

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