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Nov 13

Industrious Creatives

Posted on November 13, 2018 at 4:47 PM by Sonia Dumas

A stroll around Montrose Downtown quickly reveals that our quaint and vibrant community is quickly becoming the complete package. There are an increasing number of great places to eat, drink and shop as well as to learn a new skill and develop a new hobby. There are boutiques that offer everything you didn’t know you needed for your kitchen and home as well as to make sure your wardrobe is appropriate for all seasons. We sat down with a few business owners to discover why they made Montrose Downtown their home and what they have added to our community.


The newest brick-and-mortar business to take up residence on Main Street is Bones in Lace (305 East Main Street), a burlesque-meets-pin-up boutique that offers a fantastic selection of women’s clothing and lingerie in a wide variety of sizes. Opened by Tiffany Moore just this past July, Moore has actually been in the business for five years. “We started as an online lingerie company in 2013. When we moved to Montrose in January we quickly filled our schedule for pop-up booths and saw how well we were accepted by the community.  We made a quick decision to dive into opening our first brick-and-mortar store that opened its doors on July 22nd this year,” Moore says.

“There is nothing in Montrose that offers anything like what we offer, and choosing to be downtown was a no brainer,” Moore says. “The architecture is amazing and fits right in with our era-specific theme. The foot traffic isn't bad either.”


As for what you can find at Bones in Lace, Moore says they carry clothing that is specific to the 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s. Bones in Lace also carries a section that caters directly to burlesque lovers in the community as well as plenty of costumes for Halloween. All of the clothing in the store (other than the vintage pieces) comes in sizes XS to a true 4X.

Bones in Lace also has an area that has been set aside for photography. The space will have a different vintage theme that will change with the holidays and seasons. They also have a 50's living room and boudoir sets and Moore says the work with local hair and makeup artist Rachel Maier for those who want to have a fun day dressing up for a photoshoot.


Across the street is Maggie’s Books (345 East Main Street ). The new bookshop is a welcome addition to Downtown Montrose which has been without a bookshop for a number of years.

It was something of a no-brainer for owner Sara Rinne given her background. “My background is in librarianship,” says Rinne. “I’ve been a librarian for the past 15 years so it wasn’t a huge step. Being around books and sharing books with my community is something I love doing and it just seemed like a natural progression.”

And how has it been received by the community? “The reaction has been great,” says Rinne. “The community has really turned out for me which makes me feel good. People come in and say thank you to me and express how grateful they are to have a place to come and purchase books downtown.”

Rinne says she is still getting small business ownership figured out, but she would like to continue to build as vibrant a collection in as small a space as possible. “One thing I am looking to add is newsstand items,” she says.  


Rinne grew up in Montrose and after leaving for college and working in a few different places she returned in 2008 to work for the Montrose Regional Library. After almost a decade at the library, Rinne decided to open Maggie’s Books. Named after her dog, the bookshop has been open for just over four months and offers a collection of fiction and nonfiction books for adults, young adults and children along with a collection of books from local authors.

“Montrose is my hometown, and my husband and I have chosen to make our lives here so it’s important to me that Montrose is the kind of community that I want to live in; having a business on Main Street is part of that.”

Maggie’s Books also holds events and book signings. Follow them on Facebook or visit their website for more details.


Finally, there is Colorado High-Grade Silver Studios (227 East Main Street), a collaboration between four local women that offers beautiful jewelry for sale and the opportunity to learn how to make your own pieces.

With over 50 years of experience in jewelry making and silversmithing, co-owner Melanie Klein was offering private classes to the community. Three of her students - Judi Newland, Emily Smith and Joey Montoya Boese - became particularly taken with silversmithing and making jewelry. Klein had a waitlist for classes that she was never going to be able to get through on her own and so the four eventually got together and launched Colorado High-Grade Silver Studios.

As for what is on offer, co-owner Judi Newland says they hold all kinds of classes from six week sessions to one day workshops and weekend intensive workshops.

For students that want to hone their skills or spend their spare time making pieces, Colorado High-Grade Silver Studios offers bench rental between classes so you can work on projects at your leisure.

“It’s empowering and it’s very healing for some people. And it’s almost addictive. You can’t really have a bad day with a torch in your hand and a hammer pounding a piece of metal,” says Newland. Crafting something unique and watching it go from your mind into your hands is a special process Newland says.


If you’re not ready to dive into a class, it’s still worth a visit to the studio to see the silversmiths in action and to see the selection of beautiful jewelry and other items made by both students and instructors that are available for sale. Klein’s pieces are available at Ouray Silversmith (312 East Main Street).

The four co-owners are in the process of finalizing the details for their belated one-year anniversary party. Follow them on Facebook or call to find out details for the party.

Head to Montrose Downtown today and explore the old and the new.

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