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Jan 11

Happy New Year From Montrose Downtown

Posted on January 11, 2019 at 3:36 PM by Melissa Lowe

Happy New Years and Greetings from the new DDA Manager, Melissa Lowe! 

The incredible energy and momentum for setting goals for the 2019 is upon us! I certainly feel that and am absolutely excited and honored to help give back to this thriving community!

Melissa Lowe DDA Manager 2019

I know that I have big shoes to fill as I merge into this position as I pick up where Sonia Dumas has left off. And I'm very fortunate as Sonia has left us all positioned to take the DDA to the next level! 

Here's a quick snapshot of the goals I've set as I begin this role: 

Connect with the Downtown Business 

To personally introduce myself, get to know our local businesses, owners and property owners, discuss business advancements, offer resources, and more 

Create New Downtown Events

To offer fresh and exciting events to continue promoting foot traffic, excitement, and ultimately - more sales into each part of the downtown area 

Create Downtown Community Events

To host seminars, workshops, and gatherings to help downtown businesses grow and thrive, as well as connect each other at social gatherings

Continue Branding

To create new downtown attractions, run contests, create awards, and much more! 

I'm also looking forward to the Chamber's Gala this month as well as I will be the emcee of the event as well as skydiving in - what an entrance! If you're attending, please introduce yourself - I'd love to meet you! 

So much more will be revealed in the coming months as I'm working closely with the board on all the above projects and much more! I'm excited to be taking over with so much great momentum from my predecessor as she did a phenomenal job. 

Thank you, and here's to a year of growth and prosperity in 2019! 


Melissa Lowe