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Mar 22

Business is a Bloomin’ in Montrose Downtown

Posted on March 22, 2019 at 4:02 PM by Melissa Lowe

Dayzee Duke Floral is one of the newest additions to take up residence downtown!

Co-owners Brandon Costello and Jeff Valasquez started Dayzee Duke Floral (219 North 1st Street) online back in September last year. After getting some great Facebook responses as well as orders over the phone, they decided it was time to take Dayzee Duke to the next level with a brick and mortar shop. They opened one week before Valentine’s Day this year. 

“We originally wanted to open up an Edible Arrangements franchise but it was a bit out of our reach,” Costello says. “We still wanted to do floral arrangements and delivering, so one night we came up with the idea of Dayzee Dukes while we were sitting on our back porch. The next day we were ordering fridges. We had made the decision and within a month we started to do our online ordering.”

Velasquez grew up in Montrose, but Costello moved here about seven years ago from Salt Lake City after driving through. Before he knew it he was packing his bags and moving here. 

dayzee duke floral montrose 1

As for why they decided to open within the DDA, Costello explains. “We chose downtown because it was centrally located, especially when it comes to deliveries,” he says. “Dayzee Duke Floral is located on North 1st and offers a shop space where customers can come in and purchase floral arrangements along with other gifts.” There is also a back room where some vendors have come together to offer a well-curated “antique alley” which is slated to open next week!

How has it gone so far? “It’s been good,” Costello says. “We have already wrangled up some great reviews on Google and Facebook.” He says the shop front has helped, too. “Since we’ve been open, we’ve gotten a lot of walk-ins. We also have a lot of repeat business and clients that do bi-weekly subscriptions through us.” The bi-weekly subscription is a convenient option to ensure you’ll get fresh flowers delivered every two weeks and get billed monthly. 

The interior of Dayzee Duke Floral is bright and charming. “I’m a big color person,” Costello says. “We just wanted to brighten it up a little bit.” On top of flowers and plants, you can also find all kinds of trinkets and knick knacks that are great as gifts. Costello and Velasquez have made a real effort to make their shop feel welcoming.

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What’s in store for the future for Dayzee Duke Floral? “It’s grown a lot since we’ve been here, and that’s only been one month,” Costello says. “Currently we only deliver to the Montrose area, but we are hoping to expand to Olathe and Ridgway in the near future.” 

????Many people might not realize that a lot of online flower delivery services use local stores for to fulfill their orders. And while Dayzee Dukes are happy to fulfill those orders, there is no doubt that once people stop by the shop and experience the customer service, they will go directly to the source. Currently, Dayzee Dukes does around 60 percent of its business through delivers placed online through these third party companies. But with a professional website and hard work to get themselves pushed up the Google rankings, that is likely to change with more and more people going directly to Dayzee Duke Floral.

Dayzee Duke Floral is already booked for their first wedding which will be in Montrose this summer.

To read more about Dayzee Dukes and to see a sample of the kinds of arrangements they can offer, visit

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