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Apr 19

Getting Crafty in Montrose Downtown

Posted on April 19, 2019 at 3:40 PM by Melissa Lowe

A treasure trove of supplies for quilters and crafters of all kinds, Fabrics & More offers a more personal experience than the big box stores.     Fabrics & More, 343 North 1st Street

Owner Bernice Ford has been in Montrose since 1996. In addition to Fabrics & More, she and her husband also own Advance Awnings which is located in the rear of the same building.

Ford opened Fabrics & More six years ago. Born from her love of fabrics and quilting, a love which was passed down to Ford from her mother and grandmother, the shop became a reality when the Fords realized they didn’t really need the retail space that backed on to the shop where Advance Awnings is operated from. fabrics and more flag

The majority of the customers that come through the door at Fabrics & More are quilters, including members of the three quilting guilds in Montrose with a combined membership of 300 people as well as quilters from out of town who want to see what is on offer here, but because Ford has a good range of crafting supplies as well as many interesting and high-quality fabrics, her customer base includes lots of people other than quilters. She also sells outdoor fabric for all kinds of craft and DIY projects, so if you want to update your outdoor patio furniture before the summer season hits, stop by and see Bernice.

Apart from an expansive fabric and crafting retail shop, Fabrics & More also has a crafting room where enthusiasts gather to hone (or learn) crafting skills. Ford recruits locals to share their skills and talents with participants in the classes which can range from scarf and purse making to full-blown quilting classes. fabrics and more montrose colorado store

About six months ago Ford invested in a long arm quilting machine which can make quilting a faster and easier process. Available for rental, the machine can be programmed as well as used freehand.

As for her downtown location, Ford says that during summer tourism season she sees a lot of foot traffic as more and more people walk around Montrose Downtown.

“Quilting stores are a destination,” Ford says. “Especially with the retired generations. If a quilter is traveling from another town they’ll come in. You have to see the different suppliers and check them out!”

Ford has been quitting for years but it’s the last eight years that she has really started exploring her passion. Her work is on display in the shop and she does occasional have some quilts for sale. Ford does tell us that she loves when people actually use their quilts. “I want them to roll up in them and feel the love,” she says. fabrics and more flag sign

When it comes to small, locally-owned shops like Fabrics & More, Ford thinks they offer something different. “A lot of people shop local,” she says. “We have personalized service and they really respect that.” Ford also says that she gets a lot of people in their early 20’s  who say that they love the idea of shopping local. Ford says she is particularly happy to see these younger people visiting.

If you’re interested in finding out about classes at Fabrics & More, you can follow them on Facebook. Ford also sends out a quarterly email that lists all of the upcoming classes, specials and events.

Stop in to sign up and say hi to Bernice!