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Jun 04

Montrose Downtown Vape Shops

Posted on June 4, 2019 at 4:11 PM by Melissa Lowe

Vaping is becoming increasingly popular, with some people using it as a way to wean themselves off cigarettes and others simply enjoying the myriad of flavors that “vape juice” comes in. With the global vape market estimated to cross the $43 billion mark by 2023, vaping is here to stay. Montrose has three vape shops that offer a huge range of products from locally produced glassware to flavored liquids - some with nicotine and some without - that come in every flavor you can think of as well as many you would never have thought existed.

Stash Box Head and Vape, 28 South Grand Ave

Stash Box

The start of this year saw Stash Box go through a rebrand, although the business, now in its sixth year, has always been owned and operated by the same person. Still in Sampler Square just off South Main Street, manager Christian has been with the company pretty much since the beginning six years ago.

Stash Box claims to have the largest selection of e-liquids in the area. It also has the largest selection of glass inhalation devices in the area. In fact, Stash Box is one of the largest shops of its kind on the Western Slope.

Popular flavors include tropical kiwi cactus gummy worms with sweet potato being one of the most unique flavors they carry at Stash Box. Summer brings with it an influx of tropical fruit flavors including Lychee Luau, a combination of lychee, pear and peach.

Stash Box has grown to the point where they no longer really have a busy or off season, instead being fairly steady year round with regular customers coming from all over the Wesern Slope as well as tourists from out of state stopping in, too.

Vape shops like Stash Box typically also carry a range of CBD (the chemical in cannabis that is touted for its health benefits) products. They also carry CBD pet treats!

Currently, Stash Box is offering all juices at $19.99 for 100 and 120ml e-liquids.

Buddy Guy's Smoke Supplies, 130 North Townsend Ave

Buddy Guys

Montrose native Nathan Gueck is the owner of Buddy Guy's Smoke Supplies. In operation since February 2016, business is going well for Gueck.

Offering more than 100 different flavors available in various levels of nicotine (from 0mg to 24mg with a few going even higher), most flavors are available with no nicotine at all. Gueck says that the most popular flavor at the moment is probably Donkey Kong, a fruit combination of strawberry, banana and dragonfruit, while Mouse (vanilla, caramel and banana cupcake) and mint chip ice cream are a few of the more interesting ones.

Growing from a shop with a small selection of e-liquids, Gueck says that around half of his business is now made from sales of e-liquids. Like Stash Box, Buddy Guy's Smoke Supplies also offers a range of glass products with that making up the other 50 percent of sales. Gueck is also eager to point out a good selection of his glass is actually locally produced - from hobbyists to those that do it as a full time job - and therefore supports other local businesses.

Also like Stash Box, Gueck says that while his business gets a bump from visitors to Telluride during ski season, his customers come from all over the Western Slope for supplies. Buddy Guy’s also carries some CBD products.

There are specials from time to time, including a special sometime this summer.

Rocky Mountain Vape Shop, 200 South Townsend Ave, Suite D

Joel Green opened the first Rocky Mountain Vape Shop in Delta three-and-a-half years ago. A year later, with business doing well, he opened his Montrose location.

Even though Rocky Mountain Vape Shop is easily the smallest of the three stores in the DDA (it is literally an eight foot by 12 foot room), it carries a good range of products including everything you need for vaping - kits, juice and accessories. Although the location’s diminutive size means there are no glass products.

With over 50 different e-liquids, Green says the blackberry and hibiscus is probably the most popular with the strawberry, peach and mango coming in a close second. As for more off-the-wall flavors, fried ice cream is probably one of the more unique. Other popular flavors include carrot cake and blood orange, mango and lemon.

Like the other two stores on this list, Rocky Mountain Vape Shop carries CBD products and accounts for around 15 percent of merchandise in the store.  

Rocky Mountain Vape Shop even has a loyalty program. People who spend $25 or more on five separate occasions will get 15 percent off their next purchase.